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About US

About Us

Where It All Began

Throughout my life, my passion for acquiring new sets of jewellery has remained unwavering. I
have observed a consistent challenge in finding heavy jewellery pieces that are both affordable
and elegant. As a solution to this, Ilene Glam was established, catering to fashion-forward
individuals who adore adorning themselves with substantial jewellery for any occasion while exuding an elegant aura.

Our primary objective is to curate an extensive collection of designer
accessories, bringing them together on a single platform. For me, knowing that there are people who share the same passion for my interests as I do means everything, and it is exciting to see my
followers grow.

The jewellery collection at ILENE GLAM is a reflection of our brand’s essence and exceptional quality. With a meticulous selection and designs tailored for genuine jewellery enthusiasts, our focus lies in providing you with the finest pieces on our online platform, suitable for various occasions such as parties, weddings, mehndi, engagements, and ceremonies. Whatever the event, you can trust ILENE GLAM to be your ultimate destination for finding the perfect jewellery companion.

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